What if you had your DNA for success?  

Most research points to a focus on strengths as a key differentiator in people reaching their most cherished goals.  Fixing weaknesses or areas of opportunity is SO YESTERDAY!

Tools – CliftonStrengths Finder

To help you identify your top strengths, we utilize many tools including the CliftonStrengths Finder, a Web-based assessment.  CliftonStrengths Finder is based on the perspective of Positive Psychology, “the scientific study of optimal human functioning that focuses on happiness, strength, personal potential, and greatest satisfaction.”  The assessment reveals your complete and unique talent profile – your strengths DNA and shows you how to take your top strengths to maximize your potential.

And just like your DNA, the results are just for YOU.  There are 250,000 iterations of the 34 strengths and the chances of someone else having the same Top 5 as you are 1/33 MILLION!  You have unique skills and strengths – why not learn about them and use them to your advantage to be MORE of you!

How does CliftonStrengths Finder work?

Over a secure connection, the assessment presents 177 items to you.  You are asked to choose the descriptor that best describes you, and to identify the extent to which that chosen option is descriptive of you.  After you complete the assessment, you will receive your personalized CliftonStrengths 34 Report.

Outcomes You Can Expect

✓ Improved self-awareness; 

✓ Greater confidence and empowerment;

✓ A new way to explain who you are to teammates and others;

✓ Improved performance at work and everywhere else;

✓ Success in spite of your weaknesses using concepts and strategies that help you manage — not fixate on fixing — what you don’t do best.

Outcomes Teams/Organizations Can Expect

✓ A common language for individuals to discuss how they can work together with team members in the best, most effective manner;

✓ Increased productivity and improved results from project work that starts with an identification of individual strengths that contribute to team success;

✓ Increased morale and engagement.

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