Working diligently on my “Treasure Hunt Bookshelf” puzzle, it occurred to me the value of a fresh perspective. After a break from a 30 minute session of piecing things together, WOW, all the sudden…that piece goes there, oh, yeah, those three fit together, and that piece looks like “x”.

All too often we become so determined to get a task “finished” that we give up the great for the good. You might recall that when you wrote a paper for school, the teacher told you to just get started writing and when you hit a stopping point, walk away. You often got all your ideas out on the paper and then hopefully, took a break. When you went back, you probably found things that you wanted to improve, corrected some errors and thought of new ways to present your ideas. It’s kinda like a fly wheel, you get it going and then the momentum can lead you further down the path…as long as you give it a breather!

So, on your next project or creative task, try to plan a little extra cushion in your timeline so you can leave your project, take a breather, and go back later to improve it. Viola! Good to Great. JUST DO IT!